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The following are offered either through Christ in Action program, St. John Church itself, or through our community partnerships.


1:1 financial coaching provided by community partner Meghan Gardner (AFC, FFC)


Meghan is certified as an Accredited Financial Counselor, a Financial Fitness Coach, and she is an active member of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE). She has received several awards in the military community for her service. Meghan is able to assist clients with budgeting, credit counseling, account management, and teaching about how to avoid identity theft and predatory lending.

You can reach Meghan at


1:1 career coaching, resume writing & interview prep provided by Susan Lopez, WiserU, LLC.

Sue L 1

Susan is Vice President of Account Services at WiserU. She has a BS in Mass Communications and has served as a creative writer and account executive. For the past four years, Susan has coached clients ranging from college grads to C-suite executives. She enjoys helping job seekers discover their hidden strengths and creating resumes that attract prospective employers.

You can reach Susan at


1:1 counseling services offered through local community partner

Worth Kacie

Kacie Worth is a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor trained in both cognitive behavioral therapy and emotional freedom therapy.

For many years she worked in public schools as a guidance counselor and currently works with adults and children that find themselves struggling emotionally and socially.  Her specialty is children and adults with trauma, eating disorders, autism, or those going through temporary, or long term mental health issues such as depression and addiction. She also teaches 2 and 3 year-olds in St. John’s Early Childhood program.

Feel free to contact her with questions or concerns at


Other services offered at St. John include;

  • Financial Peace University and other workshops offered onsite
  • Grief Share, Divorce Care, Cancer Companions, and other support groups offered onsite
  • financial assistance
  • 1:1 client advocacy through Christ in Action
  • English as a Second Language classes offered onsite


Many of these services are offered at no cost to Christ in Action clients as determined on a case-by-case basis. Clients receive an all-encompassing needs assessment which determines which services may be beneficial. Financial coaching, career counseling, and 1:1 counseling services are offered through our local community partners, often onsite. A free meeting with a financial coach is typically required for those seeking financial assistance. Financial assistance is offered on a base-by-case basis.